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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Just being ...

I remember visiting someone in hospital after he was involved in an accident. It was a traumatic time for all involved – especially him. He was rushed into the hospital via the emergency ambulance service and after hours in the operating theatre he was in ICU for several weeks.

Once when I visited him – when he was not deeply sedated for the intense pain – after several hours by his bedside, he briefly opened his eye and looked at me. Something resembling his previous smile formed on his face and he said two things to me: “Your voice is like a cool breeze in a storm,” and “I love you like a farmer loves a red sky”. Then, satisfied that he had shared his thoughts with me, he slipped back into his sleep.

I didn’t know that he had been aware that I was even there, chatting nonsense (so it seemed) to him, but it obviously got through and he appreciated it.

When he was finishing his recuperation at home he let me know that he was always aware of my presence at his bedside and how much comfort it brought him.

It just reminds me that sometimes we just have to keep being ourselves and doing the best we can even when we are not sure that others are even aware of our being.

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