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Friday, 8 July 2011

It's magical

You can teach people most things like how to drive a car, paint a house, build a wall or ride a bike. But some things come to us without us being formally taught how to do them. We just know. It could be that we learnt to walk but trying it out on our own, or create unique art by doodling with a pencil.

Earlier, my son Morgan, asked me a question. He said, “How do you love?” And it really made me think about where and when the feeling of love starts. How exactly do we know that we love someone? For adults we experience a romantic love that invariably involves some form of attraction.

We don’t decide who we are attracted to, we just know that looking at that person makes our heart beat a little faster or (at least in the initial stages of contact) brings on a desire to look away yet look at the object of your desire and there is a permanent smile fixed on your face when you think about them or look at them; those are some of the signs that an attraction has taken root in your heart.

You definitely cannot teach a person how to love but you can help them to show their love in acts of kindness and consideration for others. Love is not something that can be forced or moulded to fit anyone – it just happens. And all this occurs without being trained to do it.

Love is the best magic trick I’ve ever experienced. I can’t figure out how it’s done, but I do believe it – with all my heart.

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