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Monday, 4 July 2011

Passport control

The copies of the birth certificates arrived this morning – they were delivered in record time (and I didn’t even pay for the express service). I was excited to see the new certificates but my joy was dampened when I showed them to Morgan later in the evening.

“But they don’t have my name Morgan on it as my first name. Can you change it again?”

“I can, but that will take some time and you need your new passport for the trip so we’ll have to go with this one for now.”

“OK.” She was obviously not happy but decided to accept it any way.

“Are you sure you want to change it officially?”


“Well, people do that all the time I guess, by deed poll.”

“See, I knew you could change it.”

As we were walking along the road she gave me some ideas that she had for the future generations.

“I think,” She started, “that all children should have the chance to change their names when they’re about 10 years old because, wait ..., because then may not have the name that they like and then they can change it to something they like. Because when they are born they don’t have a choice, do they? So it’s only fair. Don’t you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me. So do you think it should be made a law or something?”

“Yeah, it should! And then we can change our names automatically – if we want to. Some people in my class don’t want to change their names, but loads of them have thought about it like me.”

“Sound like there is a real need for that then.”

I paused a second and then, thinking about the travel issues, I added, “The only problem is that if you keep changing your name then you’ll have to keep changing your passport and stuff. Lots of forms and things to fill out.”

“Somebody else can do that for me,” Morgan said with a smile.

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