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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Glass walls

Many years ago my son said that he was going to design a house of total glass when he was older. It sounded like a fascinating project. He was excited about creating it.
Recently I was thinking about hidden behaviour and this idea came back to my mind. I wondered if we would behave any differently in our homes if different rooms of our homes had their walls turned to glass for an hour a day. Would we just avoid those rooms at those times or act as if we were in Big Brother?

The concept took root in my mind and I further considered how people would change if the time of the glass walls was random.
When people observe us we are changed by the observation.
If that change were always positive, then I’d put forward a proposal to the government to instigate glass walls in every home.
I know – it’ll never happen. It couldn’t really. But just the thought that someone was watching and prepared to speak up against things like domestic violence and other forms of abuse that are usually perpetrated behind solid walls and closed doors makes me wish for it to be possible. Just for an hour.

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