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Friday, 15 July 2011

What’s the key?

With my (increasingly) bizarre thought processes I have recently fixed upon keys. There are reasons behind every lingering thought and, well, that’s the key to the whole picture ... if you get my drift.

I have two main sets of keys: one for when I leave the house and I’m walking and the other for when I am driving. On each set of keys there are the bare essentials for access, and a key chain. Both of these sets bear memories from a past time.

When I use them – each day – I am subconsciously touching my memories. And it always gives me great pleasure.

My physical keys open the doors to my home and my car but the other keys – well, they have access to my heart.

I’m the only one who knows the full combination to this particular lock but, as with all locked down areas (and lockets), there is always another way to open the portcullis.

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