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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Carrot skin

Have you ever noticed about what happens to a carrot if you peel it and leave it for a while? It starts to lose its strength – it’s as though the skin is Samson’s hair (although unlike Samson, if left to itself the carrot does not regain its form, rather it becomes deformed and inedible).

Sometimes I feel like a carrot that has been peeled. I imagine myself to be shrivelling under the exposure of whatever pressure is fresh before me. I just want to curl up and fade away to a more useless state in the bottom drawer of the fridge.

But precisely when I am feeling at my lowest I feel some kind soul applying a plaster to my wound. And before long I am on the road to recovery again.

I wonder what a carrot with a plaster would look like ... I don’t think it could regenerate its pre-cut state, but I know I have.

I am grateful that I have super carrot skin that plasters can heal ... and people and things in my life that are the best plasters money cannot buy!

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