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Friday, 1 April 2011

Thank YOU! Statistics rock ...

Thank YOU! Statistics rock ...

I write because ... it’s part of who I am. I do it for many reasons - sanity is way up there on the list. I write mainly for selfish reasons, because I have to. However, recently statistics have been telling me that YOU, yes that is meant specifically for YOU reading this right now, have been choosing to spend a portion of your day reading my thoughts and I appreciate that so I wanted to say a special thank you.

I am favoured with comments on this blog, on Facebook and I also receive Twitter feedback so I was aware that a few people occasionally stopped by. Now, thanks to the power of statistics I have seen that you come from various places in the world and I wanted to acknowledge you and show my gratitude for your time.

I hope you find your country listed here – if it is not then please forgive me and remember that statistics rock most of the time (when they tell you what you want to see, but often they are out of date and have facts missing) – so, if your country is not listed then feel free to let me know where you are from if you like.

So here are the countries these magical statistics have told me about– UK, US, Italy, Russia, Canada, Slovenia, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Hungary, Ukraine, Philippines, Greece, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Poland, Belarus, Australia, Indonesia, Oman, Luxembourg, and South Africa.

Whether you just visit this blog or ask morg, happy every day, or personal object lessons I just really wanted to say THANK YOU.

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