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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Writing without regrets

I have often heard it said that many people view writers as spies in their lives and relationships. They exercise extreme caution around the writer because as time goes on and the relationships become more established they often fear that any shared thoughts and actions will end up in the public eye.

Because I blog about my life I often (anonymously in the main) mention people with who I come into contact. Some of them read this blog, some don’t. Nevertheless an equal proportion of people have often said to me, “Don’t write about me, please” or “I suppose you’re going to write about that now!”

There are certain things I will never write about, but those are because I choose not to discourse on that topic not because I have been cajoled or pleaded with.

When I write I do so without regret and worry. If I were to filter ‘my story’ then I wouldn’t be writing free, I wouldn’t be writing ... me.

Writing the way someone else wants you to express yourself is like using a typewriter and only being allowed to press one row of the keys to get your point across; it will never make sense to either me or anyone else.

So, I always write without regrets.

I therefore want to give due notice that in tomorrow’s blog I will be writing about ... you!

(not really)

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