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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Designated love

When people go to pubs in groups they often have a designated driver: the one who will not drink alcohol for the evening and therefore drive everyone home safely. That one person is chosen to show caution in alcohol consumption for that evening – they are designated in control of order.

On every day in my young life my mother was my main designated giver of love. She controlled the order and growth of my life.

Today in the UK is Mothering Sunday when people recognise the mothers in their lives. People throughout the land have been focussing on this designated day to show their mothers love and appreciation for ... everything.

What I have noticed – maybe because I am getting older – is that many of my peers are saying that it’s great having this day but they no longer limit recognising the love from their mothers to one day. More and more people seem to want to celebrate the fact that a mother’s love is not restricted by one day, one occasion, or one gift and therefore neither should our thanks towards our mothers be thus limited.

Just because some things are designated by tradition does not mean that we should be similarly limited by tradition.

Love is not bound by dates, high days, holy days or any other celebrations.

I think every day is a perfect day for designated love to your mother.

Happy every day!

1 comment:

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Marj - Truly every day is a day to celebrate the special love of a mother! :)

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