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Friday, 29 April 2011

Love is in the air ...

There’s something about a wedding that sets people thinking that all the (perceived) single people should be married. Then their plan is hatched and you are swept up in the rush of overpowering love (or something masquerading as love at least).
It’s at times of these heightened emotions that I have seen people act like they are the Henry Ford of love: ‘one domestic set-up suits all’ is their mantra. ‘It works for me so it must work for you as well’ is the well worn phrase that is thrust upon every unsuspecting singleton.
The only thing I have to say is ‘Why?’
Any disagreement to their proposals is met with a Shakespeare like zeal of ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks’. But all I have to say to that is one size does not fit all in the love question.
Talking of proposals, I received a couple today. I really think love is in the air, but the tornados off the American coast must have misdirected the love aim. When I said, with genuine affection, to a friend that I hope to get an invite to his wedding he paused then replied, ‘Yeah, of course. But ... you know it should be you I’m marrying. If things were different ... I know how things stay, but it should be you I’m marrying.’ I wonder if he will tell his girlfriend about this conversation.

The other suggestion was more veiled and innuendoes littered the conversation like autumn leaves in a gale force wind. I’ll leave this bit to your imagination but I’ll just let you know that it had something to do with friends with benefits, and I’m not talking about the state distributed benefits either!
When I shared a filtered version of these points of amusement sometime in the early evening, I was questioned to laughing point because my son – incredibly interested in these mysterious suitors – only really wanted to know if I was being pursued by a ‘girl or a boy’. Now that would be telling! (Although now you have at least 50% of that question answered.)
M went to bed without his curiosity being satisfied. To use a phrase of currently popular vernacular both he and they were ‘denied’.

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