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Friday, 15 April 2011


Some resolutions are so easy to keep. And others ... well, they are the exact opposite. This second batch of promises is the most difficult things to be true to. I often wonder why. It is as though the projected vision is not personal to me, I haven’t owned it.

But back to the easy ones, the ones I have no trouble keeping - well, to be truthful I have some moments when I feel like I am on a fragile rope bridge crossing a huge chasm and I surmise that it would be easier just to step through the broken treads and fall rather than to hang on and scramble to the other side of the valley. But, I still hold on because I feel not only will I gain something at the end of this testing period but I will also have proved to myself that I am capable of different kinds of strength.

Mostly it is the thought of achieving a mental goal that drives me forwards. Many resolutions are won or lost in my mind before any action takes place. In fact, all of them are fought in my mind. It is only when I give in that I accede to my body. When I persevere I take a huge mental step forward – the physical acts come later and are much more pleasurable because of the delayed gratification.

I don’t make a habit of sharing my resolutions so there’s no point wondering precisely what I am talking about. Suffice it to say, each day that I adhere to my preordained plan of action I feel stronger and more able to continue along the same path.

As for the resolutions that are difficult to keep ... I believe they are hard to maintain because I lack belief in the end result. And if I don’t believe then I won’t achieve.

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