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Friday, 8 April 2011

Finished chapters

At some stage of life we all feel totally alone – and at those times we usually are: it may not bring you great comfort to hear that but I think it’s true.

This sense of utter isolation may last for ages or may be a fleeting experience. The truth that I know is that we all share this feeling of being alone. Isn’t that strange?

Everybody feels lonely so everybody knows what everybody else feels like at some point. Odd.

But it passes.

Better, more social, times usually come around. One chapter closes and another one opens.

I have had experiences that seemed to be IT, you know, as much as you can take or more likely more that you can take. At the time everything seemed too much to handle.

Then ... someone will enter my life or something will happen and that status quo experience is relegated to the past – things are never be the same again.

I look at this as a new miracle each time it occurs. The past is a finished chapter, it got me to where I am but I don’t need to go back to that experience.

That chapter is finished and nothing will ever be the same again: it’s a fantastic opportunity.

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