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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

There is no danger!

I have wondered how many times I have thought or said that phrase when I don’t really believe it?

When children are scared, especially at night, they close their eyes and then they believe the danger is no longer there.

Adults have been known to behave in the same way. What’s that you say? Have I done this recently? Well, that’d be telling ... but I will share this piece of wisdom that I learned through (personal) experience: children may well close their eyes to danger but I’ve been known to blindfold myself against the truth. How wise is that?

Don’t all answer at once!

Let’s pretend I know something is harmful to me yet despite that knowledge I turn my back on the truth and – for extra measure – I add a blindfold to fool myself that the danger does not exist. I don’t think I was wise when I told myself, like the children do, that because I couldn’t see it any more then it wasn’t real.

Although turning my back on this peril did bring temporary relief I still had to face it eventually. After all I couldn’t stay in darkness AND face the wrong way forever. Facing my fear has been better that the temporary (self induced) blindness because now the danger really is gone.

So at last that statement is true: there is no danger. And I have clear vision to confirm that.

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