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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Let's pretend

I have been known to role play – and it has its place in my life. My son, as with many children, likes to pretend and frequently he draws me into the intricate world that he has created from his imagination. This is all good. It is appropriate behaviour for appropriate situations.
What if – now this will be so farfetched so you have to use your imagination here because I can never see you really being in a situation like this – what if you were with someone and you were feeling less that jovial and they asked you how you are. How would you respond?
I’m fine, thank you.”
“Great! Couldn’t be better.”
Would either of these responses be the truth or would you be giving them the impression that you are feeling wonderful when in fact you’re not? Would that be OK or would that be deception – in some circles known as pretending.
I have a few really close friends with who I never have to, or indeed want to, pretend.
I met with one of them recently.
She asked me how I was. I told her – really told her. She listened and ... understood.
I did not pretend with her. I felt free to say anything on my heart and mind without fear of censure. Talking with L works both ways. She said to me that she feels able to tell me anything, thoughts that she may not understand or be comfortable with but that are real to her. I listen to her as well. I understand her need to be fetter free.
Somehow we manage to put away all pretence when we meet and the joy of the experience makes us eager to spend time together again.
This friendship is based on trust and we have nurtured it throughout the years. After spending time with L I felt peaceful, balanced and light. I didn’t know pretence weighted so much!
It made me think about how many times I (consciously or unconsciously) play ‘let’s pretend’ each day. What about you?

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